Below are some links we have found very helpful in researching our ancestors.  Maybe you will find them useful too.  If anyone has additional links they feel are helpful, please E-MAIL the link to us and we'll certainly post it. Good luck!



Captain W. H. McCauley - Camp 260
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Order of Confederate Rose
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Mechanized Cavalry
Free pages
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System
Major Wallace Ioor (Ivor)
Sixteenth South Carolia C. S. A.
The National Archives
Mississippi Archives & History



Tennessee Library & Archives
Mississippi Genealogical Data
and Resources
Tennessee Genealogy & History
Cyndi's Genealogy Sites
The USGen Web Project
The Library of Virginia
Black Confederates
Virtual Civil
Civil War
Virginia Family Histories
Links to the Past



Civil War Search Directory
Miscellaneous Virginia Genealogy
Dakota State University
Museum of the Confederacy
Miscellaneous Virginia Genealogy
Famous Horses of the Civil War
Flags of the Confederacy
Newspaper Fesearch
Confederate RailRoads
Tennessee Civil War RailRoads



US Military RailRoads
Civil War Prisons
Tennessee Civil War Page
American Civil War Page
Civil War Map
Big List of Genealogy


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