8th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry


8th Cavalry Regiment was formed in July, 1864, by consolidating the six-company 19th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry and four companies raised behind Federal lines. The unit was often called the 19th Regiment or Battalion. It was attached to R. McCulloch's and Starke's Brigade, Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana, and saw action in Tennessee and Mississippi. During February, 1865, it was consolidated with the 6th Mississippi Cavalry and surrendered in May. The field officers were Colonel William L. Duff, Lieutenant Colonel William L. Walker, and Major Thomas A. Mitchell.

Associated unit:

19th (Duff's) Cavalry Battalion was organized during the late summer of 1863 with six companies. In October the unit contained 206 officers and men. It served in Slemons', Chalmers', and R. McCulloch's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and skirmished in various conflicts in Mississippi. Only July 19, 1864, it merged into the 8th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel William L. Duff and Major William L. Walker were in command.


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