Sidon Cemetery
Hwy 49E, 7 miles south of Greenwood,
cemetery south of Mt. Pigsah Cemetery
Sidon, Mississippi




Hendricks, G. S. Pvt; Co. G, 28th MS Cav 05-13-1844 to 02-06-1905
Hill, David Thomas Pvt; Stanford's Co., Miss Lt Arty 06-14-1846 to 03-09-1926
Hill or Hall, Thomas R. Pvt; Co. C, 14th MS Inf 01-09-1846 to 03-11-1926
Conf. Headstone
Lavender, F. W. Pvt; 2nd Co. D, Wood's Conf Cav 06-09-1842 to 07-04-1912
Pate, Allen Sharkey Pvt; Co. G/I, 22nd MS Inf no dates
Prophet, William R. Pvt; Co. I, 43rd NC Inf 01-10-1846 to 07-14-1914
Smith, Gilbert Lafayette Pvt; Co. G, 22nd MS Inf 11-25-1836 to 11-24-1895

Anyone knowing of any Confederate Veteran not listed, please contact Dan A. McCaskill.

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