Odd Fellow Cemetery
Carrollton Avenue
Greenwood, Mississippi




Baskett, Lewis Turner 2nd Lt; Co. I, 21st Ms Inf 02-09-1830 to 12-27-1902
Browning, J. W. Pvt; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav Res 1834 to 10-08-1904
Chapman, Thomas L. Pvt; Co. C, 20th Ms Inf 01-24-1840 to 09-05-1902
Deane, George G.   10-25-1842 to 01-18-1916
Dulaney, Dr. John William Pvt; Co. A, 1st Ms Lt. Arty 02-27-1847 to 03-02-1920
England, John Thomas Capt: Co. I, 18th Ms Inf 1837 to 06-14-1871
Conf. Headstone
Gardner, William W. Pvt; Co. A, 42nd Ms Inf 11-14-1829 to 05-08-1910
Hicks, John W. Pvt; Co. K, 11th Ms Inf 04-24-1836 to 09-16-1912
Howell, William J. AQM; Co. C, F, F-S, 24th Ms Inf 05-19-1831 to 11-14-1903
Johnson, William E. Pvt; Co. B, 43rd Ms Inf 12-19-1847 to 03-27-1910
McLean, Thomas S. Pvt; Co. A, 38th Ms Inf (Mtd) 1844 to 1918
McLemore, Dr. R. S. Pvt; Co. A, 1st Ms Cav /( Harvey's Scouts) 08-28-1837 to 11-24-1905
Parish, Robert P. Sgt; Co. E, 18th Ms Inf 10-20-1843 to 11-10-1882
Peel, David Lawson Pvt; Co. I, 13th Ms Inf 06-22-1839 to 07-04-1911
Pettey, Hilliard Woods Pvt; Co. B, 28th Ms Cav 09-02-1849 to 10-23-1918
Pillow, Walter Pvt; Cpt Graves Co., 9th Tn Inf 08-20-1844 to 05-12-1920
Poindexter, William Green Capt; Co. B, 3rd Ms Inf died 10-11-1893
Price, Rev. J. W. Rev; Co. C, 5th Ms Cav 07-19-1840 to 03-08-1920
Stinson, A. F. Cpl; Co. B, 7th Ms Cav 1837 to 1916
Wheeler, James Fort Capt; Co. C, 2nd Ms Inf 09-21-1824 to 11-30-1906
Whitehead, Dr. N. E. Pvt; Co. C, 18th Ms Inf 12-25-1840 to 03-25-1905
Whittington, W. D.    ; Co. D, 25th La Inf 1833 to 1919
Williams, Thomas E. Lt  ; Co. D, 6th Ala Inf 06-29-1844 to 01-20-1929
Williamson, Robert White Col; Co. K, F-S, 30th Ms Inf 1832 to 1908
Yerger, Lemuel Purnell
Pvt; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav
1846 to 1928

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