Methodist Cemetery
Old Deer Creek Road
Hollandale, Mississippi




Barefield, Samuel Pvt; Swett's Co. Warren Lt. Arty 03-11-1818 to 05-27-1900
Barefield, Thomas Jefferson Pvt; Swett's Co. Warren Lt. Arty 06-03-1844 to 08-12-1893
Ferguson, Aifred Pvt; Co. E, Lay's Ms Cav 1822 to 1906
Hammons, Wiliam H. Pvt; Co. B, 4th Ms Inf 05-06-1832 to 09-21-1904
Conf. Headstone
George Washington
Pvt; Co. F, 33rd Ms Inf 03-16-1847 to 03-25-1912
McKinney, Eugene V. L. Pvt; Co. F, 11th Ms Cav 06-25-1845 to 05-25-1918
Treadway, Richard C. Pvt; Co. C, 46th Ga Inf 11-23-1828 to 07-25-1923
West, Winston E. Pvt; Co. E, 9th Ms Inf
(Desoto Guards)
05-10-1845 to 09-14-1895
Windham, John C.
Sgt; Co. H, 4th Ms Inf 05-21-1837 to ????

Anyone knowing of any Confederate Veteran not listed, please contact Dan A. McCaskill.

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