Lehrton Cemetery
Cemetery Road, 1 mile NW of Ruleville
Ruleville, Mississippi




Barritt, M. Pvt: Co. C, 6th Ms Inf 09-01-1844 to 06-11-1930
Brister, Isiah Pvt; Co. D, 40th Ms Inf no dates, Conf. Headstone
Buckley, Edward William Pvt; Co. C, 12th Ms Inf 09-23-1832 to 09-02-1902
Dorman, H. R. Pvt; Co. G, 2nd Ar Inf 11-13-1843 to 10-03-1910
Edmonson, E. H. Pvt; Co. G, 3rd Ms Cav (St. Troop) 10-15-1821 to 03-26-1893
Head, James Abner Pvt; Co. I, 13th Ga Inf 08-20-1842 to 06-19-1915
Langston, James C. Pvt; Co. I, 43rd Ms Inf 1831 to 1914
McCain, Charles Weslie Pvt; Co. D, 4th Ms Inf 03-29-1843 to 12-18-1925
Morehouse, Charles Pvt; Co. B, 3rd Ms Inf 03-16-1841 to 09-08-1916
No Marker
Perry, R. W. Capt; Co. E, 2nd (Davidson's) Ms Inf 1846 to 1925
Petrie, David H. Pvt; Co. A, 33rd NC Inf 03-08-1838 to 09-02-1897
No Marker
Pharris, J. W.                   , 13th Tx Cav 1843 to  ??
Stigler, William George Sgt; Co. F, 12th Ms Inf 05-12-1844 to 09-21-1919
No Marker
Wilson, Joe S.
Pvt; Co. A, 1st Ms Inf 03-09-1847 to 11-18-1923
No Marker

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