Itta Bena Cemetery
MS Highway 7 South
Itta Bena, Mississippi




Appling, John Rufus   02-18-1835 to 02-29-1908
Barry, Micheal Pvt; Co. F, 23rd Ms Inf no dates, Conf. Headstone
Lloyd, William Henry   06-18-1852 to 06-29-1924
Moore, John Henry
Pvt; Co. C, 24th Ala Inf, "Dixie Boys
08-19-1838 to 01-20-1925
Morris, Fredrick B. Pvt; Co. I, 39th Ms Inf
07-20-1844 to 10-01-1925
Conf. Headstone
Newer, Edward Eugene Pvt; Co. C, 30th La Inf 01-07-1841 to 01-07-1910
Rainey, Woodson V Pvt; Co. G, 21st Ms Inf 03-16-1840 to 09-30-1892
Conf. Headstone
 Reese, Ransom G. Pvt; Co. E, 44th Ms Inf 03-04-1845 to 10-31-1933
Conf. Headstone
 Rochell, Henry G. Pvt; Co. F, 14th Ms Inf 05-06-1837 to 09-03-1906
Tate, Benjamin H.   1833 to 1899
Webb, W. H. Pvt; Co. E, 4th Ms Inf 12-08-1845 to 01-02-1919
Conf. Headstone
Young, William Humphreys
Sgt: Co. B, 5th Ms Cav
died a POW at Camp Chase, OH
buried in Sec 38, Lot 1918
National Cemetery at Columbus, OH
died 04-25-1865

Anyone knowing of any Confederate Veteran not listed, please contact Dan A. McCaskill.

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