Indianola Cemetery
East Main Street
Indianola, Mississippi




Anderson, A. E. , Sr. 3rd Sgt; Rode's Co. Partisan Rangers, Ms Cav no dates, Conf. Headstone
Anthony, W. E. Pvt; Co. K, 35th Ms Inf 1840 to 09-10-1917
No Marker
Baker, James W. Pvt; Co. H, 18th Ms Cav & Co. B, 18th Ms Inf 1845 to 06-11-1924
No Marker
Chambers, Thomas J. Pvt; Co. A, 36th Ala Inf 05-14-1837 to 01-01-1911
No Marker
Chapman, Walter Scott Capt; 05-22-1841 to 01-16-1930
Cooper, Stephen Clemons Pvt; Co. A / H, 1st (Percy's) Ms Reg't no dates, Conf. Headstone
Gildart, John W. 1st Cpl; Co. E, 21st Ms Inf 03-07-1841 to 03-28-1866
No Marker
Gooch, Thomas Grubbs Mus; Co. A, 15th Ms Inf 06-08-1836 to 07-28-1916
Head, James Abner Pvt; Co. I, 13th Ga Inf 06-20-1842 to 06-19-1915
Holt, Barnard J., Sr. Pvt; Capt. Granberry's Co. 03-09-1840 to 08-31-1922 nm
Horton, William A. Pvt; Co. B, 3rd Ala Cav 03-01-1845 to 02-02-1914
House, William D. Pvt; Co. B, 22nd Ms Inf 10-14-1828 to 09-18-1901
No Marker
Johnson, Sam Pvt; Capt. Maxwell's State Troops 1842 to 03-09-1932
No Marker
Johnson, William E. 1st Sgt; Co. B, 9th Mo SS 06-09-1838 to 12-31-1936
Kelly, S. C. Pvt; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav 12-27-1846 to 09-30-1929
McLeod, Calvin harrison Pvt, Starke's Brig. Cav 01-16-1845 to 12-31-1917
Ray, Wilson Pvt; Co. K, 30th Ms Inf 04-09-1837 to 02-10-1893
Red, Samuel W. Capt; Co. E, 12th Ms Cav no dates, Conf. Headstone
Smith, F. Q. Pvt; Co. B, 36th Ms Inf & Co. B, 35th Ms Inf 03-06-1835 to 09-23-1919
No Marker
Smith, Isaac O. Pvt; Co. C, 16th Ms Inf 1843 to 1922
Smith, W. B. Capt; Co. F, 28th Ms Inf no dates, Conf. Headstone
Sturdivant, Wyatt L. Pvt; Co. K, 15th Ms Inf 009-01-1831 to 09-09-1898
Watts, John Dickerson Pvt; Co. I, 21st MS Inf 03-21-1845 to 12-31-1923
Whitehead, Henry C. Cpl; Co. H, 54th Ala Inf 01-31-1842 to 08-08-1923

Anyone knowing of any Confederate Veteran not listed, please contact Dan A. McCaskill.

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