Greenfield Cemetery
Lake Washington Road
Glen Allan, Mississippi




Allen, Dr. William George Pvt; R. H. Baker's Scouts, Co. E, 18th Ms Inf 04-12-1846 to 01-12-1922
Baldridge, John Samuel Pvt; Co. K, 1st Ms Lt Arty 03-17-1847 to 12-29-1932
Cowan, Tarlton B. Pvt; Co. G, 1st Ms Lt Arty (Cowan's) 07-20-1826 to 07-16-1899
Griffin, William Pvt; Co. C, 18th Ms Inf 04-09-1836 to 09-21-1911
Harris, William Mercer Pvt; Co. L 1st Ms Lt Arty 03-19-1841 to 08-01-1917
Hauff, James Edward        18th Ms Inf 04-25-1845 to 10-22-1896
Lee, Israel S. Cpl; Co. D, 6th La Inf 03-29-1844 to 02-21-1924
Conf. Headstone
McNeily, John Seymour Capt; Co. A, 21st Ms Inf 11-20-1841 to 07-16-1924
Peyton, Elijah A. Lt. Col.; F-S, 3rd Ms Inf 05-09-1823 to 02-25-1906
Conf. Headstone
 Peyton, Murray Milton 1st Lt; Co. A / K, 3rd Ms Inf 05-14-1837 to 11-08-1916
Conf. Headstone
 Phipps, Richard B. Pvt Co. E, 4th Ms Cav 10-23-1848 to 09-23-1912
Smiley, Alpheus N. Pvt; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav 04-09-1834 to 09-24-1872
Smith, Marshall R. Pvt; Co. F, 3rd SC Lt Arty Died 09-10-1915
Conf. Headstone
 Wakefield, Marshall S. Pvt; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav Died 11-01-1873

Anyone knowing of any Confederate Veteran not listed, please contact Dan A. McCaskill.

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