Golden Link Cemetery
West Church Street, 1.5 mile outside of town
Anguilla, Mississippi




Anderson, Thomas Jefferson Pvt; Co. G, 42nd Ms Inf 10-25-1848 to 03-12-1909
No Marker
Barnard, William Bailey Pvt; Co. _, 28th Ms Cav 11-19-1846 to 01-06-1914
Boykin, George Washington Pvt; Co. H, 16th Ms Inf 1847 to 1917
Dinkins, James A. Sgt; Co. G, 3rd Ms Cav ( St. Troop ) 10-20-1822 to 11-11-1893
Hall, Dr. Joel C. Surg; F-S, 37th Tn Inf 04-06-1838 to 11-19-1920
Lee, Richard J. Pvt; Co. C, Power's Ms Cav 03-09-1832 to 10-20-1912
Conf. Headstone
McKinney, William C. H. Pvt; Co. H, 2nd Ms Inf 01-09-1842 to 02-02-1938
McMillan, Joseph W. Pvt; Co. C, 1st Ms Lt. Arty 02-20-1816 to 10-28-1882
No Marker
Stevens, Francis Marion Pvt; Co. K, 12th Ms Inf 04-18-1840 to 03-06-1889
Stevens, John Oscar Pvt; Co. K, 12th Ms Inf 10-08-1841 to 10-03-1893
Stevens, Joel Ormand Pvt; Co. H, 2nd Ms Inf 12-11-1829 to 11-25-1891
Conf. Headstone
Stevens, Henry Green                  , 15th Ms Inf 11-07-1819 to 10-03-1888
Sylvester, Nathan Brown Pvt; Co. I, 3rd Al Inf Res 11-09-1821 to 01-09-1903
Williams, John Hamilton Pvt; Co. C, 6th Ms Inf no dates, Confederate Headstone
Wingate, R. H.
Pvt; Co. E, 6th Ms Cav
05-21-1825 to 09-08-1911
No Marker

Anyone knowing of any Confederate Veteran not listed, please contact Dan A. McCaskill.

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