Drew Cemetery
Hwy 49W, north edge of town
Drew, Mississippi




Bibb, Benjamin Ovid David McCloud's Regiment no dates, Conf. Headstone
Clark, Isaac A. Pvt; Co. B, 28th Ms Cav 06-12-1841 to 05-15-1920
Floyd, W. T. Pvt; Co. G, 2nd Ms Inf ( St Troop ) 11-07-1846 to 09-__-1930
Conf. Headstone
Green, William R. Pvt; Co. H & K, 24th Ms Inf 12-24-1840 to 06-15-1903
McCaffarty, Isaac Pvt; Co. A, 4th Ms Inf 09-06-1841 to 09-10-1927
Miller, David M. Pvt; Co. E, 1st Ms Cav 03-16-1844 to 10-29-1918
Twitchell, Jeduthan L. Pvt; Co. G, 10th Mo Inf 05-23-1842 to 01-28-1930

Anyone knowing of any Confederate Veteran not listed, please contact Dan A. McCaskill.

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