Belzoni Cemetery
Mound Street
Belzoni, Mississippi




Bowles, John S.
Maj.; Co. H, 22nd Vir Inf
Co. H, 2nd Vir Arty
12-17-1844 to 04-11-1914
Farrar, W. J. Southern Cross on Headstone 03-24-1845 to 06-08-1914
Gibson, Cornelius J. Pvt; Co. E, wirt Adam's Ms Cav 03-21-1845 to 10-07-1922
Conf. Headstone
McClintock, Samuel Hunter Pvt;Co. D, 11th Ms Cav 10-09-1847 to 11-23-1923
McDonald, Richard Pvt; Co. I, 2nd Bn Ms Inf (St. Troop) 09-30-1828 to 02-25-1918
Pepper, Thomas C. Pvt; Co. D, Witherspoon's Bn Ark Cav 1849 to 1921

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