Aycock Cemetery
1.5 miles South of Pace on a gravel road located on banks of Bogue
Phalia Pace, Mississippi




Aycock, George Carruth Pvt; Co. G, 8th Ms Cav
Duke's Scouts
02-21-1846 to 05-08-1923
Conf. Headstone
Aycock, John F. Pvt; Co. E, 28th MS Cav No Dates, Conf. Headstone
Aycock, Langdon P. Sgt;Co. A, 20th Ms Inf 05-12-1838 to 04-04-1898
Johnson, John M. Pvt; Co. C, 42nd Ms Reg't 1846 to 1922
Pollard, Joseph M. Cpl; Co. C, 16th Tn Inf No Dates, Conf. Headstone
Williams, Church Littleton
Cpl; Co. G, 14th Ms Inf Died 1911 , Conf. Headstone

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